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Kah Whye
Peng, Ph.D.

Mayo Clinic

Research Interests

Research in the laboratory of Kah Whye Peng, Ph.D., is aimed at developing novel therapeutics based on replication-competent viruses for cancer therapy, focusing on ovarian cancer and multiple myeloma.

Dr. Peng's team is currently working on the oncolytic measles virus (Edmonston strain) and vesicular stomatitis virus (Indiana strain). These viruses are tumor selective and have promising anti-tumor activity.

The lab's expertise is in translation of these novel therapeutics into clinical practice, and two of its recombinant measles viruses — genetically modified to express reporter genes for noninvasive monitoring of viral gene expression (MV-CEA and MV-NIS) — have recently completed clinical testing.

Dr. Peng is also using the sodium iodide symporter (NIS) as a reporter gene to noninvasively monitor cellular, virus and gene therapies in preclinical and clincal studies to facilitate dose finding studies, optimize route of vector delivery and for long term monitoring of engraftment of regenerative cells.