Allan Dietz, Ph.D.'s picture
Dietz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Director, Immune, Progenitor, and Cellular Therapeutics

Mayo Clinic

Research Interests

Allan B. Dietz and his lab are focused on getting novel therapies to patients. As a Director of the Immune, Progenitor, and Cellular Therapeutics (IMPACT) lab within Mayo's Department of Lab Medicine and Pathology, Dietz focuses on the use of cells as drugs. To that end, the lab is involved in more than 20 investigator initiated clinical trials that have treated more than 500 patients under IND.

Dietz's lab supports these trials through discovery, optimization, validation and manufacturing of the use of cells as drugs. The program also supports our clinical colleagues by managing regulatory submissions, consultation in clinical trial design, and collection of data in support of trial outcomes.

Focus areas:
Immune profiling
Dendritic cell vaccines
Mesenchymal stem cells
Mesenchymal stem cell/matrix combinations
Suppressive monocytes